Crazy Ideas


Recently, I posted a link to a story by the Atlantic over on my Facebook page called “How Your Cat is Making You Crazy.” The article discusses Jaroslav Flegr, a Czech evolutionary biologist who has been studying Toxoplasma gondii, or the brain parasite which can be passed from cats to humans.

But this article isn’t really about that: this article discusses how Flegr and his research haven’t always been taken seriously–in fact, just the opposite. His idea (that T. Gondii actually ...(read more)



A few weeks ago I posted at The Scientist blog about a new jewelery store that had opened up near my office … and I was concerned that this jewelry store was headed for a sad fate if they didn’t soon figure out their “Unique Selling Proposition (USP).” The USP is that unique value that a business brings to the market to differentiate it from other businesses.

Grants must have a USP as well. In the current environment, “me ...(read more)



Mostly I get very positive emails thanking me for the free and paid advice I give on dealing with the challenges of a modern science career in these days of shrinking budgets and overworked people.

But from time to time I get an email that is just downright negative.

A few days ago, it was an email that was complaining that I’d taken one of my free grantwriting videos down (on how to write a killer specific aims).  The person was downright ...(read more)



Ok, so it turns out Google was saying my site was “infected by malware,” and traffic was dropping off.

But you didn’t bother to tell me (nobody did). Please – if you ever see a message like this on my site, let me know!

The problem appears to be fixed now. I’ve submitted the site for a re-review by Google to make sure.

I have a few new blog posts ready as soon as it clears Google.

Until then, I hope you ...(read more)




Normally we’re perhaps a bit too serious on this blog, but since it’s Saturday, it’s time for something a bit more lighthearted – our recent attempt at carrying 400 lbs of bananas on a 2-wheel cargo bike (> 1,000 bananas).

Check it out and have a great weekend!