Events often conspire to force us to wake up and think about things in a new way. I’d had many discussions about whether the Apple iPad is a “necessity” or just superfluous fluff. Having my iPad grabbed from my hands on a train in Paris forced me to really think about this.



Many young scientists that I’ve come to know have a common misconception: that they will do great work and the world will beat a path to their door. Not true says Morgan. You have to know the value of the work, and convey it to your peers and colleagues. Otherwise, your career is just a hobby…



Today Morgan discusses really really boring scientific talk titles. Giving a great science talk begins with having a great title, that captivates the audience and motivates them to come to your talk. Don’t be afraid of giving your talk an interesting title! You will stand out, because everyone else will continue to use boring dry ...(read more)

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