Morgan explores her own experience with fear and the impact it had on her life, then talks about the importance of banishing it to do truly great work.



I’ve noticed that whenever I show my “personal” side, some people seem to like it and others get annoyed. But what I’m doing here is all about personality. In today’s episode, I explore what it means to “get personal” and why I think that is important.



On Saturday I received a nice card in the mail from Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina.

The card was titled:

Send a message to North Carolina Senator Kay Hagan.  Tell her we can reform health care without government-run insurance.

Inside was a nice postage-paid card to send to the Honorable Senator:

On the back it had a message telling Sen. Hagan to not support a public option.

Ok, I didn’t start this blog as a political site.  But I look at it this ...(read more)