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The “law of gravity” is referred to as a description of the phenomena of apples falling from trees and airplanes falling from skies (unless they are overriding the “law of gravity” with the “law of jet propulsion”). Laws are human made contrivances, often overturned or broken. The phenomenon of gravity existed long before Newton named it a “law”. Morgan discusses this with some ...(read more)



Today Morgan discusses really really boring scientific talk titles. Giving a great science talk begins with having a great title, that captivates the audience and motivates them to come to your talk. Don’t be afraid of giving your talk an interesting title! You will stand out, because everyone else will continue to use boring dry ...(read more)

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Previously, I wrote about an upcoming meeting with the chancellor of UNC.

It was audacious of me to just call up and make an appointment with the head of a large, prestigious institution like mine.

But I like to live life on the edge.

My goal was to discuss entrepreneurialism within the university – and how the university bureaucracy squashes entrepreneurial spirt.

The layers of bureaucracy are thick here, layered like a truffle embedded inside a wedding cake….

The chancellor was surprisingly receptive to my ...(read more)



I just saw a neat talk by Eric Schadt, PhD who is the Chief Scientific Officer of Pacific Biosciences.  First he showed off the new sequencing technology they are developing, which promises to absolutely blow away the current “next-generation” sequencing technologies.  They use a micro (or maybe nano?) fabricated waveguide to isolate a single polymerase molecule, then they use fluorescently labeled nucleotides with a cleavable linker.  When each nucleotide comes into the polymerase for incorporation into the growing DNA string, ...(read more)