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  1. Hi Morgan —

    I’d like to submit a 2 page “white paper” to the NSF BRAIN initiative. Do you have any advice about writing such short documents? Similarly, for a far sooner deadline is a 4,000 word “on-line inquiry” to the Templeton Foundation that I’m writing about oxytocin and social behavior.

    I’m curious what it takes to sell one’s ideas so succinctly!

    Thanks a million —


    1. Hi Brad, It’s impossible in a short blog comment to transmute the art and skill of writing a succinct and powerful document. e.g. I helped one client recently get a $2.2M award with a five page writeup, and we spent months refining that to the point that it got selected amongst the heavy competition. If you’re serious about doing this powerfully and convincingly, reach out to us and we can talk about the specifics of your situation and whether or not I may be able to help.

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