When it’s time to go deeper, here are some options for how YOU can get help with your proposals and career.

The Grant Dynamo 3.0

The Grant Dynamo 3 teaches you, step-by-step, how to create a compelling, persuasive grant proposal. It is based on a decade of work with clients on developing the skill of more effective proposal writing. Through that work, Morgan identified the specific elements, and order in which they are presented, needed to create proposals that resonate with reviewers and get funding. These elements are distilled into a simple framework you can follow as you go through the Grant Dynamo 3. This course is designed to be used AS YOU WRITE your next proposal, and can be used by new or experienced grant writers.

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The Grant Foundry

Our most intensive “bootcamp” transformation of your grant writing. We work together intensively in a very small group, over a period of months, while you prepare you next proposal. Not for the feint of heart, this is the course that transforms theory into practice – and unclear proposals into funded ones.

The Grant Foundry is offered twice a year.

REGISTRATION NOW OPEN: Next round starts late fall 2022 Find out more here

On-Site Workshops and Group Discounts

Got a group of faculty or students you want to train and invest in? Whether you are all in one department or cross-department, we have options.

We work with your group remotely by providing online training resources, supported by group mentoring calls. Get the training your people need along with guidance and feedback from our grant writing coaches over a period of time. Perfect for mentoring and training programs.

We also provide on-site, hands-on workshops (typically 2-days) for groups large and small to work on your proposals (currently on hold due to COVID-19). We’ve trained post-docs as well as senior faculty who want a fresh approach that works.

For inquiries, email us at [email protected]

1:1 Consulting

While we find great benefit in working with groups on grant writing, occasionally we offer 1:1 consulting packages for feedback on your proposals for those who have taken one of our courses prior to 1:1 consulting. Due to demand, our 1:1 consulting rates are not inexpensive and scheduled as space allows. Email us for inquiries [email protected]

Four Steps to Funding – Book

While not designed as a textbook, this simple, easy to read, four-step formula to grant writing is where it all started. It offers the fresh perspective on grant writing that defines Dr. Giddings’ approach. Although the book was written a number of years ago, it’s content is still highly relevant, and has been used as a framework for graduate level grant writing courses. You can order it on Amazon Here