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Preview of Chapter 2 from my book, “Marketing Your Science”

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The response has been great, I thank my readers for feedback on this.  A few readers have asked questions not covered in this chapter.  I am happy to say that the questions are covered in the rest of the book, but that you’ll have to wait a while longer to get it.

I won’t be able to leave this free copy here for long, so grab your copy now ($12 value, yours free)

Chapter 2 of Marketing Your Science (PDF) (revision 2, based on reader feedback)

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This video has a key concept of effective grant writing.  If you follow this, it will boost your success tremendously.  I recently moved this over to a paid video hosting service to assure you smooth access.  This is worth $27, but is yours free for subscribing:

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  1. Hello Morgan, I’m so happy to have met you and I’m in a strange situation. I just recently started volunteering at a non profit organization in Mesa, AZ. I’m the type of person that’s always willing to help anyone in need and this place really helps. From helping people get their birth certificates to helping them get approval on things such as unemployment insurance or much needed food stamps for their family’s due to a loss of a job. As I volunteered I soon realized that this establishment has lost its funding and other entities are trying to make them close their doors.
    Now this is happening due to the fact that the location of this business is right across the street from the Arizona Department of Economic Security. The name of the business is Dependable Economic Services. Their approval rate for citizens that have applied are about 95 per cent. They’ve even got individuals back pay on benefits owed due to be declined for long periods of time. In a nut shell I have taken interest in Grant Writing because I’ve noticed that there is a void and huge need for Grant Writer’s. Being a single father of two teenage sons and unemployed for the past 30 days has been tough! I want to become a Grant Writer and it seems like you know all the ins and outs of the business. Help me help others by becoming the best Grant Writer that I can possibly be and eventually better provide for my family!


    Shawn T. Ellison

    1. Hi Shawn,
      It sounds like a very worthy goal! Knowing how to write good proposals is definitely a worthwhile skill to have. I consider it a subset of “direct marketing,” which may offend some people because of the term “marketing.” But really, any time you write a proposal, you’re trying to convince someone to give your project some money. It’s not much different that trying to “sell” a product to someone…. so, I hope you find the stuff here useful in your endeavor!

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