A few people are taking notice: with the sequester, science funding is faltering… badly.

Well, Jim Lantry decided to do something about it. He started a SuperPAC to lobby for science and science funding.

Not being a political insider, the difference between PAC and SuperPAC is lost on me (or, maybe it’s just laziness).

In case you want to look it up, there’s more info on an article here.

He does note the exodus of researchers from the US to other countries as funding becomes more and more scarce, and decries the situation. Instead of complaining, he decided to take matters into his own hands. That’s good. More of us need to do that, or the situation will not improve.

Meanwhile, back at home, if you haven’t done anything to polish up your grant writing skills lately, it’s time. Sign up for the  Grant Dynamo 2.0 course here.

    1 Response to "Santa Claus for scientists? Not quite, but good news."

    • Mike

      USA doesnt care about science. Most of the populous too busy watching TV, eating corn syrup, wearing baseball caps, and who got voted off of the island.

      go to other countries whereby grant dollars are present and available and folks actually care about science research. The states is a capitalistic cesspool

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