I wanted to find out: what is the most pressing challenge you’re currently facing in your science career, and how can I help?

I used good ol’ Survey Monkey, and got > 200 responses so far. Yay! The results were interesting and a bit surprising to me. They also caused me to go off on a bit of a rant about how to learn effective grant writing. Ok, not really a rant, but kind of a Morgan “being opinionated” kinda thing. Here’s the video:

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    • Fatima Nakaytuma

      My friend gave me the book 4 steps to funding for analysis and this is what I found out.The book is quintessential step-by-step process towards success in proposal writing. Dr. Morgan presents the impact of rejection and the reality of human experiences grounded on the basis of psychological and philosophical principles. Premised on people’s tendencies, actions, and outcomes, the book derives the most effective route to funding approval and walks every individual reader through the steps with existing examples and proven guidelines.

      • morgan

        Thank you for the kind words about the book. We’ll be getting it onto Amazon and the like soon!

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