Most grant writers are familiar with that infamous character — the Grant Writing Grim Reaper. He lurks around every corner, ready to deliver yet another rejection. The worst part is when a looming, non-negotiable career deadline forces a feeling of panic. Will you loose your job or research career if the funding is not obtained by the deadline? This is enough to push anyone into playing the grant lottery game: writing and submitting as many proposals as possible, most of which are not yet ready or have not been thought through, thus just rushing things and leaving them to chance.

Dr. Giddings is very familiar with this feeling from her early faculty years when she received many rejections. After a slew of rejections and with tenure deadline looming, she was looking for the Quick Fix - how can THIS proposal be “fixed” so it will be funded?

In this video, she shares what she discovered about quick fixes for grant writing issues and how this created a shift in her mindset and approach. This viewpoint may help you find a better strategy to handle rejection and turn it into that “yes” that all researchers are hoping to hear. While time may still be an issue, with this shift in approach the Grim Reaper might not look as scary anymore.

Is grant writing a difficult, un-fun, and often unsuccessful task for you? Do you still fear the grim reaper of research? In the Grant Foundry, we help you shift that - learn the art and science of successful proposal writing to support your research. 

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