(Part II) – Today Morgan picks up with the gravity-as-information exchange theory (QIE, for quantum information exchange) with an examination of what implications of the theory about black holes and gravitational effects. In fact, using QIE theory, black holes are not so weird after all – they’re just like a noisy, crowded stadium where chaos has broken loose. They don’t do mysterious things like existing on an ever-shrinking infinitesimal point according to QIE. But they do exist, and quanta can occasionally “escape” the party, just like Hawking predicted. Morgan also drops the hint that QIE explains relativity and time Fun stuff if you want to know how the universe really works.

    3 replies to "Gravity as Quantum Information Exchange (QIE) Part II"

    • Brian Risk
      • morgan

        I just got an email from Stuart about that, drives me crazy that every time I come up with something like this, others are hot on my tail for it. But at least it means that I may be onto something good 🙂

        And my theory explains relativity too :))

        Gotta get a paper out soon. I’ll also post a simulation that my colleague Miles Parker made of this, and the dynamics are awesome. He used Agent Based Modeling, of course!

    • Sherilyn Nealon

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