Today, the “Not so boring scientist” (Morgan) discusses a vital element you must include in any grant proposal if you want your reviewers to get excited and to give you the dough. This works for any and every type of grant proposal – NIH, NSF, business loan, etc. Morgan also mentions the upcoming contest for an Apple iPad to be held on her blog.

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    3 replies to "Snag the big grants by inspiring your reviewers with a potent future vision"

    • Robert

      Hi Morgan,

      It was great! I agree with you. I guess I have a lot of homework to do on how to inspire my reviewer in an enthusiastic, convincing and scientifically sound manner.



    • Morgan

      Hi Robert, Thanks for the comment.
      You’re right – it is challenging to find the balance between enthusiasm, being convincing, and establishing credibility… It definitely takes some practice, but once you get that practice, it becomes easier.

    • Ingrid Fuhriman

      The guidelines for proposals often deadens the potential to project or inspire. Just blanks to fill in at times. I think this is a good hint, however. You certainly do seem to be able to bring the $$$$’s in. We have done pretty well ourselves.

      Tips and advice needed. There seems to be more difficulty in getting funding right now.

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