(Part I) In today’s episode Morgan discusses the simple origins of gravity in quantum information exchange, using some interesting props to illustrate. The theory throws out the door notions that gravity is a “field”. Instead, it gives a simple, underlying explanation for “space-time curvature” that requires no complex grand unified field theory. Just a simple exchange of information between friendly quanta, or QIE for short (quantum information exchange). What if the physicists ignore this? You can get ahead of them in solving this major riddle that has plagued physics for the past 80 years, simply by watching today’s episode.

3 thoughts

  1. very interesting!
    This fits in nicely with some things that i am thinking about in information theory.

    1. Hey, I’d love to talk more about it. Won’t it be cool if it turns out that information underlies gravity? I got inspired to think about this for another book that I’m working on, but first I have to finish the one about marketing principles applied to science.
      I hope you’ll check out today’s episode – the insights that “gravity as information” give to the idea of black holes is quite intriguing. And it also can be used to explain relativity…

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