Are scientists the most effective people that they could be?

I’ve realized something by studying those who are really successful versus those who struggle with success.

The really successful ones usually spend time “meta analyzing” their own lives and careers.

You may have heard me talk about one of my mentors, Marshall Edgell – who taught me some core aspects of writing a killer grant proposal.

How did Marshall arrive at those strategies? From analyzing what works, what doesn’t, and why.

He is someone who has spent a lot of time analyzing how to work effectively and enjoy his life also. I’m not implying that he’s perfect (nobody is) – but he seems to have figured out how to balance success with having a life that he enjoys.

In thinking about my own career (and life) – I realize that the times that I was taking an active role in learning about how to “be better” are the times that my career has lept forward.

Other times in my life, I feel that I don’t “have the time” to do that. And those are the times that I have stagnated.

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