I’ve been using the Apple iPad for almost two weeks now, and in this video I discuss the ins and outs of the device. I’ve discovered that it shines in some unexpected ways, and also presents some unexpected challenges. It is not going to replace my Macbook laptop for some uses, but it does a great job for other uses – such as book reading.

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    • Kristy Manning

      Hi Morgan,

      Great detailed review of the iPad and its advantages and limitations, thank you! I’m holding out for the new iPhone this summer with the front facing camera, and then later purchasing an iPad for note taking during client meetings, reading books, watching videos, etc. The sketch feature on the iPad is interesting and something I was not aware of. This would be a great tool for scientists and creatives to sketch out concepts and ideas quickly, but I’m wondering if using a digital pen might be more effective. Schools are adopting the iPad quickly and there is a huge demand according to my contacts at Apple Worldwide Education. This is an interesting article on the International Reading Association website:




      • morgan

        Hi Kristy,
        You sound like you’re being extremely rational 🙂 I tried to be rational about the iPad – but the problem is that I had an internal “pent up demand” because I have held off on the iPhone all these years, despite all my friends having one. I simply don’t like getting locked into long-term, expensive cell phone contracts (saying I don’t like is an understatement – cell phone companies make me angry). So I never got one. Well, the iPad doesn’t have a contract of any kind, so I decided that I need to be at the front of the pack again! That comes with all the attendant challenges of life on the bleeding edge… oh well, I enjoy it, and it will only get better as time goes on.

        Related to the digital pen idea – you should definitely try out drawing on the iPad – it is a magical feeling, to have your finger swipe across the screen and have ink appear. I feel that it is much more nuanced than any pen I’ve encountered. Maybe it’s just me, but I really love that aspect of the interface.


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