Much ballyhoo has been made about the “law of attraction,” especially through movies like “The Secret.” The proponents of the “law” claim that it will help you manifest your desires magically. It seems like a bit on the vodoo side for the thinking scientist. But is there a gem in the rough here, that can help you achieve greater success? Morgan examines this, and relates it to the previous episode on fear.

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    • alf

      Well, I use that since I was young, I tried to explain it to many people, with no results. I find amusing that people that refused my racional description of the phenomenon now believe in the «vodoo» version….

      That is a detail you may add: our mind gets lots of information of the outside world; only a very small part of that is filtred and used. When one introduces a goal in the non-conscient mind, all the information that can be usefull for that is now used at a non-conscient level.

      Well, there is much to say about our non-conscient capacities… and is convenient to start using them early, I think almost everybody has lost most of them because they were not aware of them and what is not used, is lost.

      It’s a pleasure to watch your quest… don’t give up!!!

      • morgan

        @alf – I agree with you, it is funny how much the “vodoo” crowd has taken over this.

        That has an unfortunate side effect – a lot of “rational” people get scared away from it altogether. And they loose out on its power.

        I’m glad to see someone else understands this.

    • Bob

      Speaking as a reviewer, if the PI fails to really grab me with the Significance, which for me is a combination of how important the project is and how the PI has THE approach that will solve the problem, that proposal is in the also-ran pile before I ever get to the Approach. It is really the last chance to bring me on board. The Specific Aims is the first chance, and lose me there, and your chances of success drop precipitously.

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