I have been awarded NIH grants many times in the past, but I have found that things change so quickly that one must always be learning, pushing the envelope..Morgan’s presentations are very clear and interesting”  —  Steve W.

The Grant Foundry is a very interesting and stimulating training. You will learn concepts that will definitely help you with your proposal writing. I highly recommend it to all new investigators.” — Ansaf Salleb-Aouissi

Morgan Giddings has rekindled my enthusiasm and passion for science again.  She has helped me dramatically with improved clarity in my grant writing, but the help goes far beyond that.  I used to face many days with a sense of boredom or disengagement, and now I feel fully engaged again – with my science, my students, and my collaborators.  It has changed my life.  She has a rare gift of helping people shift dramatically in their thinking and writing – for the better. If you have the opportunity to work with Morgan, jump on it.  Her time is in demand, and there’s a good reason.”  – Maho Niwa

Morgan Giddings online grant writing courses has totally changed my views on grant writing; I now enjoy the process, and I are able to help my lab members improve their grants.” — A. Laugen

Since using what I learned, I have scored a program project planning grant, and our company’s SBIRs have done well with one Phase II at $1.2 million and another Phase I at $240K” — Bob H

A collaborator who has been critiquing my grants prior to submission over the past few years recently said of a proposal I submitted to a foundation, “This is flawless, this is your best grant ever.”  What was different?  I had taken Morgan’s course and then let this information soak in as I applied it in critiquing the specific aims of colleagues. I guess my collaborator was right–that foundation grant got funded.”  —Kimberly Payne

Love Morgan’s personal touch to what she teaches.” — C. Maynard

A year or so ago, I started reading Morgan’s newsletters. The first one caught my attention for two reasons: I was stuck in the tediousness of writing a largish grant, and here came this very positive message about how a grant and grant writing should be. Second, it had a link to a (short) manual with tips on grant writing (I misplaced it and don’t remember the title). In short, I got hooked on the unfailingly positive tone of Morgan’s messages. This year, I got my first (!) grant funded, I think in large part because I managed to channel (some of) this positive message and attitude into my own writing. Without Morgan’s input I don’t think I would have been there now!” — Anton F.

Morgan’s clear and succinct guidelines have allowed me to identify specific short comings with my grant writing approach.  Moreover, I have now learned how to address these to make my grant proposals more compelling.” Paraic O.

This is a fantastic resource – possibly the best course I have done in years.” —S. Frangou

The recommendations of Morgan Giddings are extremely useful – I frequently pass them on to my students to prepare them for their PostDoc-careers.” —G. Soja

Morgan is an excellent coach on grant writing. Her insightful comments are very inspiring. I will certainly use her “tips” on my future grant proposals“. —R. Dharmakumar

As a new investigator, I find Morgan’s specific examples the best way to gain insight into how to craft a grant that will get noticed.” —M. Beck

After taking Morgan’s online Grant Dynamo course I have new found hope when writing grants. Using her guidelines of how to market your research really helps me structure and focus my grants; it no longer feels like a shot in the dark. It takes the dread out of grant writing” —Tonya Bliss

I can report that this year… applying this advice to my grants,(I have just found out that) I was successful in attracting over a million dollars over the next 3 years! I also applied Morgan’s advice to a couple of small grants which were also successful. This is a big deal… especially for someone only just starting their lab. Most important for me, I have job security for the next 3 years and a chance to actually do research, not just talk about it.”  —T. Beilharz

First of all, thank you very much for your GrantDynamo training. This is the best training I ever had and I have been learning a lot. Thank you. I only wished I had your training 4 years ago when I started my tenure-track position. ”  — Kazuko

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