Do you ever wonder if the reviewers properly read your proposal? Or do you wonder if your proposal is lost in a sea of applications with no hope of standing out?

In a “stack” of proposals, you must make your own research stand out if you want to get funded because it is easy for the reviewers to compare you to everyone else. You want reviewers to clearly see that you are the ONE … (just like when you are picking your soulmate, which we have some experience with).

So, how can you show the reviewers that you are really “the one”?

Following conventional wisdom is not enough to get your proposal to the top of the stack. Instead, you need to create enthusiasm in your reviewer to support your funding.

Enthusiasm happens predictably by connecting with the reviewer and funder’s already existing desire, already existing desire for progress in the field and for science in general. I’ll say “connecting with the reviewer and funder’s already existing desire” again, because it is key to everything, everything here.

So how do you do that? That sounds mysterious and weird and hard. Well, it is hard but there’s a system for that. In the video below, I break it down for you into four essential pieces: your magic power, the community, the project, and the message. By aligning these four pieces and creating an engaging grant story, you can make your proposal stand out and bring in the funding you need.

If you are still struggling to get your funding approved, why not join us in our Grant Foundry Workshop? Practice makes perfect and our workshop is a hands-on experience on grant writing. At our workshop, we will be helping you and other researchers apply these concepts in a practical approach.

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