Ok, so it turns out Google was saying my site was “infected by malware,” and traffic was dropping off.

But you didn’t bother to tell me (nobody did). Please – if you ever see a message like this on my site, let me know!

The problem appears to be fixed now. I’ve submitted the site for a re-review by Google to make sure.

I have a few new blog posts ready as soon as it clears Google.

Until then, I hope you are have a great weekend.


    2 replies to "Idiotic hackers broke my site (now fixed)"

    • Brian

      Oh that sucks! When I ran wikisummaries someone hacked the site and all they did was delete the article on Jimmy Carter’s last book!

      In defense of your readers, perhaps they are like me and read your posts directly in their reader. We’d have let you know if we knew!

      • Morgan

        Yeah, it does suck! But you have a good point – I do think a lot of people use readers. Oh well… hopefully it won’t happen again anytime soon!

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