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What’s Wrong With My Proposal?

Learn how to present your ideas clearly and persuasively with this free, instant access training. We’ll bust through 3 Grant Writing Myths, and cover what reviewers are looking for in a proposal. We’ll also go over a case study of a perfect scoring R01 (Yes – They Do Exist!) and what you can do now to ensure your proposal is discussed and scored. Read more about it here, or get access now.

The Six Essentials of a Successful Proposal

In this free training, I walk you through six essential things to pay attention to in any research proposal. These are based on seven years of working with clients (plus my own funding track record), and are things that even many senior researchers overlook. check upcoming training times here

Writing Clearly – Cheat Sheet

Writing clearly is one of the core “must do” things to increase your odds of getting grant funding. This free to download PDF gives you 3 don’ts and 8 do’s of writing clearly, with a short single-page cheat sheet at the end which you can use to remind yourself as you’re writing. Download it here.