I’ve noticed that whenever I show my “personal” side, some people seem to like it and others get annoyed. But what I’m doing here is all about personality. In today’s episode, I explore what it means to “get personal” and why I think that is important.

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    • Molly

      I like the fact that you’re personal. Makes you into what we in the business call “a person”. But why do I always feel your videos are addressed specifically to me? I am either showing early signs of schizophrenia, or your videos are SUPER easy to relate to.

      • morgan

        Hi Molly-
        That’s the magic voodoo I’ve got going on! I’ve put you in a hypnotic trance and I’m controlling your mind! (joking!)

        Seriously – I do try to be personal with the videos, as if talking to a friend like you. If I weren’t that way, I think it would come across as artificial and rather uninteresting. I don’t try to “produce” the videos very much, just to start recording, then talk about what’s on my mind. Sometimes they may be a bit rough around the edges, but, they reflect who I am!

    • Brian Risk

      As one who appreciates quantification, how much personality should I put into works intended to be appreciated by others? I don’t want to cross the line from “personal” to “narcissistic” but I also don’t want to be wooden or bland. Maybe 30% personality, 70% down-to-business?

      • morgan

        I don’t have a strict quantitation on that – however, I think with the advent of the internet, it is tilting ever more towards the “personal” side.

        We’re at an interesting time in history. I think people are more lonely now than they’ve ever been, because modern technology and prosperity has allowed us to each hole up in our little worlds surrounded by Computers, TV, internet – which doesn’t fulfill a personal need.

        And so now, I think that people are looking to re-connect in internet land. It is an easy, low commitment way to feel like there’s that personal touch – without committing an afternoon or a drive across town.

        Content is still important – if you have no content then you’ve got nothing. But I think that content delivered without personality is going to go ever more unnoticed.

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